Media and Advertising

Leakbusters limited have been associated with the following :

  • BBC1 Rogue Traders & Watchdog
  • ITV News
  • C4 Help my House is Falling Down
  • C4 Bricking It
  • BBC Radio London Expert heating ‘caller questions’
  • BBC3 Preliminary Judge on BBC Young Plumber of the Year’
  • BBC Radio 5 Expert heating ‘caller questions’ with Martin Lewis & Richard Bacon
  • Which Magazine We are ‘Trusted Traders’
  • Money Saving Expert Free plumbing and heating advice
  • ITV Mrs Yashere Investigates
  • CNN News Interview re fuel price increases affecting a small business

We would like to make it clear that none of the media or celebrity associations endorse Leakbusters Limited.

We have never approached directly or indirectly any TV, Radio or media company or paid any Public Relations (PR) Company or individual to obtain any media work. In every instance we have been approached and asked to comment and contribute to a project as plumbing and heating experts.

BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders contacted Leakbusters Limited and asked Director Ian Puddick if he would be like to be interviewed for the part as show expert, this involves setting up faults, commenting on the ‘rogue plumbers/heating engineers professional conduct in identifying a fault and providing remedy in a commercial context’.

Ian successfully passed the audition, Leakbusters Limited was then vetted to ensure that it operated both ethically, responsibly and professionally.

Leakbusters Limited (which also trades as have displayed the association with BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders, Ms Lisa Ausden BBC Executive Producer contacted the Advertising Standards (ASA) and made a formal complaint, that we had falsely claimed that BBC had used Leakbusters Limited to provide the Expert to the show.

The BBC then refused to pay the Leakbusters limited invoice.

Shocked and disappointed, the ASA found in favour of the BBC.

Here is our side of the story – please make up your own mind
BBC Rogue Traders Watchdog is a show about integrity, which seeks to expose those that lie, cheat and who are dishonest.

Who is telling the truth in this matter
Lisa Ausden BBC or Leakbusters Limited

Did the BBC engage Leakbusters or is it untrue?
Click Here – BBC Purchase order

BBC refused to pay Leakbusters Limited invoice for location filming and providing professional service to Watchdog Rogue Traders Show.

To be fair, if Leakbusters Limited had not provided BBC with the service, why should the BBC pay.

Leakbusters Limited was forced to take BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders to Court.
Click here – Copy of Court Summons issued against the BBC

Leakbusters Limited won and the BBC were forced to pay.

Would you pay a company for a service that you had not ordered or authorised and that they had not provided ?

We wouldn’t …….the BBC did send us a cheque.
Click here – Copy of BBC Cheque

We are a small family business – we feel the BBC have been bullies using their might and unlimited resources against us.

The ASA told Leakbusters Limited that they would remove our two websites if we displayed or mentioned our association with BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders, they made us remove every reference to the BBC.

We appealed and asked if we could display a BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders Purchase order (it’s either real or a forgery).

Again the BBC objected, but were forced to admit it was true.

The ASA allowed us to display a purchase order, despite finding that the BBC had not engaged our services.

How did this nonsense occur ?
(we know…….…bet the BBC won’t tell you)

Best regards

Ian Puddick


Ian is a former Management Consultant specialising in ‘Communication and Crisis Communication’, Ian has advised the CEO of Vodafone, Rolls Royce and many blue chip organisations.

He has had the privilege of providing and implementing Royal Communications, Her Majesty the Queen Buckingham Palace and has recently advised the Cabinet Office providing a solution re COBR – Crisis Communication.

Now days he can be found at Leakbusters…………on tea making duty (which he takes seriously)