Commercial Leak Detection

Finding hidden leaks in commercial working areas, whether it be an office, a building site, factory or hospital can cause all sorts of operational issues. There is no simple ‘magic wand solution’, however our teams of Leak Detection engineers have experience of working in the following environment’s searching for hidden leaks.

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Working in Church offices and also historic churches.


Identifying hidden leaks on hidden water main services. This often involved carrying out pipe tracing on very old pipes where Water Utilities Companies had no drawings or records of existing pipe locations.

we have no hesitation in recommending Leakbusters. They have never let us down and have a 100% service record’ – Enterprise Plc


Locate a hidden leak on a new water main buried under a newly (very expensive) cobbled road.

good service’ – Project Director Balfour Beatty


Locating hidden leaks on water mains ‘train side’ ie sometimes just meters from live working railway lines.


Identifying leaks at Audi Dealerships.


We are approved Leak Detection Contractors to British Gas, we have been contracted to identify hidden leaks throughout England and as far as Scotland. We have also carried out Leak Detections on the roof of the Centrica Plc in Slough where we located several leaks.


We located several hidden leaks at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery.

We had a major headache; Leakbusters accurately located a leak on a 100mm Yellow MDPE Gas pipe which was buried approx. 1.5m under reinforced concrete in a car park. You exceeded our expectations. Thank you for the excellent service.

Project Manager


Locate hidden leaks that could not be located by other Leak Detection companies whom use conventional leak detection methods. We have own the Trademark to Zect™ Leak Tracing Agent

‘excellent service, Leakbusters have never let us down’ – Commercial Manager


Trace hidden leaks in McDonalds Franchise Restaurants and at McDonalds Head Office.


When a water main bursts underground and damages a nearby gas main, the water can leak into the gas main. The water then travels up the gas main, through domestic gas meters and into domestic appliances. National Grid then get calls from the public saying they have water coming out of gas hobs cookers and fires. We are called in to use non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-explosive inert ZECT™ Leak Agent to remove the water from the gas mains.


Locating hidden leaks in Kitchens, bedrooms and boiler rooms.


Locate hidden leak on Red Bull Head Office.


Located hidden ‘water leaks’ at Government Building.


Located leaks on hidden supply pipes to fire hydrants ‘air side’ at Heathrow via 3rd party contractors.