What makes Leakbusters different?


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We are the UK’s Original Leak Detection Specialist, a family company business.

Unlike other companies we only specialise in all types of Leak Detection, this means we only focus on looking for hidden leaks, nothing else.

We have developed and created our own unique leak detection methods which we even have a TradeMark™ registered at The Patent Office.

We cover the UK and Scotland working directly for the Public, Commercial Organisations, Public Authorities and Schools.

We are approved by most Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters

Our Unique Leak Detection methods

Flir Thermal Imaging Survey – using a military application thermal imaging technology we can locate water and moisture ingress. This is a clever piece of technology which is great for looking for moisture and/or water ingress into the building fabric of properties including flat roofs

ZECT® Tracer Agent Survey – we inject this safe nontoxic leak tracing agent into pipe work, the agent will escape and come up through the building fabric
we think it’s the best leak detection tool ever

LabTech Analysis® where appropriate we will carry out water analysis to find out what’s in the water so we can help identify a probable source

MoistureMap Survey® – All water leaks and moisture ingress leave a hidden moisture trial, we can identify the trial which provides in most instances the flow, direction of the ingress and also the temperature, we then compare the temperature of the moisture ingress with that of the surrounding area to build up a picture of the leak location

Soundfind© Acoustic Survey – our electronic microphones enhance and amplify the sound of the leak, which our engineer can then locate.

LeakSeeker® Survey – Leakseeker® devices are connected to two ends of a suspected pipe. The devices then send sound waves down the pipe to each other, the sound waves then meet at the point of leakage. The devices then send the information via Bluetooth to a PC informing our engineer where the leak is located.

SeeSnake® survey – We have endoscopes for looking into very small inaccessible locations.

Miracle’s……We Try Harder

Our surveys are non-destructive and non-evasive.

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Word from the boss

Finding hidden leaks and defects in building fabric is often a complex job, there is no such thing as a ‘leak detection machine’ that we simply turn up, plug it in and it tells us where the problem (or problems are, as you may you have more than one leak or issue), that technology does not exist.

Finding leaks is a bit like a jigsaw, we carry out a series of different unique surveys, each survey provides us with a unique piece of information, we simply then use our experience and the various results to build up a picture of what is causing the problem or problems.

Please call me to discuss your leak problems, I would be delighted to help and provide technical and non-technical advice.



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