Leak on Gas Pipe


Finding leaks on a gas supply whether domestic or commercial is difficult, it becomes even harder when the gas pipe is installed in voids or buried in concrete.

leak on gas supply

In the first instance, get National Grid, formally known as Transco or a registered Gas Safe engineer to carry out a tightness (also called a soundness test) test on the gas supply – this will show if there is a leak on the gas supply pipe past the meter.

How Leakbusters find locate the leak


ZECT® Leak Tracer Agent® is manufactured exclusively for Leakbusters limited

Trademark registered at UK Patent Office and is owned by Leakbusters limited

Leakbusters engineers are all fully qualified Gas Safe registered and qualified. We disconnect the gas meter, then we inject ZECT® Leak Tracer Agent® into the gas supply pipe.

The gas supply pipe is then purged and we test all outlets to ensure the ZECT® Leak Tracer Agent® has passed through the gas pipe and has filled up the pipe.

We use specialist tracing technology to then locate the ZECT® which will rise straight up from the leaking point. ZECT® will rise up through virtually anything including concrete.


Grange Manor – Former State Sanatorium built circa 1820

The building was refurbished and converted into apartments in the 1990’s. A leak was detected during a routine gas safety inspection. The leak is on a 1”inch steel gas pipe which has been installed between the gas meter in the basement and the 3rd floor apartment ‘ecv – emergency control valve’ which shuts off the gas to the property. There was no smell of gas. The steel pipe has been installed in ducts which cannot be accessed.



Gas meter room located in underground car park


Engineer starts leak detection survey in gas meter room


Steel gas pipes have been installed in an accessible duct in basement car park and the rise up through the building in inaccessible ducts.

We injected Zect™ Leak Tracing Agent into the gas pipe work and pressurised it to 0.5bar, Zect™ escapes from the leak (or leaks) and we use specialist technology to trace the Zect™, we can detect one particle of Zect™ in one million parts of air, Zect™ will also pass through solid concrete, it is safe and the most effective method of tracing leaks.


The leak was identified on the rising steel gas pipe which was located in a small duct next to the lift shaft on the 3rd floor.

The approx distance between the gas meter and the apartment was 200 meters.