Survey Type: Leak from Central Heating System

Are you experiencing these issues ?

Boiler continues to lose pressure ?
Expansion Tank* keeps refiling ?
*this is a small tank normally located in the loft or at the highest point in the property, it also commonly called the ‘header tank’, ‘Jockey Tank’ or ‘feed and expansion tank’

Damp patches are appearing in floor and/or ceilings, then drying out and then mysteriously reappearing

What we do

Thermal Imaging Survey©
Moisture Map Survey©
Dynamic Pressure Test©
Static Pressure Test©
Micro Inspection Survey Cameras©
Zect™ Leak Tracing Agent Survey* – we inject Zect™ into the central heating pipe work, the Zect™ will escape from the hole or pinholes in the central heating pipe in the system and will even permeate solid concrete floors, we then trace and locate the Zect™ as it rises up through the floor/ground.

*Zect™ is a registered Trademark at UK Patent Office

Engineers Report provided

Important Notice

Please note that our engineers are leak detection specialists, we do not install bathrooms and undertake general plumbing jobs, we just locate hidden leaks every day. How does this benefit you, this means the engineers focus on plumbing and pipe work problems and also identifying hidden defects in building materials and the building fabric

Prices start from

Central Heating survey – £450* + vat
*Plus parking, materials and congestion if appropriate

Please note: You may have more than one leak, which is why carry out several surveys and tests which are included in our mini survey

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“These guys are amazing; they operate out of modern offices in N London and cover C London. They turn up on time and don’t let you down. They even charged one heavily pregnant woman much less than they quoted her as they finished the job faster than they anticipated”