Leak On Swimming Pool

Is your Swimming Pool losing Water?

We hope the information contained in this website is of practical value to you, please feel free at any point to call our office and we promise one our pool specialists will call you back to discuss your specific issue. Every swimming pool, spa and Jacuzzi at some point will develop a leak. These problems if left untreated and not repaired will not fix themselves; they will get worse causing further costs and bigger repairs. An un-repaired hole the size of a pencil tip can result in hundreds of gallons of water lost per day

If your swimming pool has an automatic filling system, a leak (or leaks) will not be evident as the pool will automatically refill as the existing water drains away.

Check the following –

Are you receiving higher water bills – check your average water meter readings
Are you using more pool chemicals
Is there excess algae growth because the new water that’s being put into the pool is untreated

The most common indication of a leak is a drop in the level of water in your swimming pool, in order to understand what the acceptable amount of water loss ie how much water loss is permissible you must firstly identify an acceptable amount for your pool, usually this will take into account water splashed out of the pool and the amount of evaporation on a sunny day. The easy way to do this is to monitor the water levels over a given period, prior to the leak. This is easier said than done as it’s normally too late and the first time anyone looks at the pool level is when there is a problem, real or perceived.

Evaporation is dependent on a variety of environmental and pool related conditions, wind, water temp, dew point and barometric pressure.

The simplest DIY test to ascertain water loss is to carry out the following –
The Bucket Test

Simply place a bucket of pool water in a shallow secure place within the pool as shown in the above photo. The water in the pool and bucket will naturally evaporate at the same rate causing equal water loss however a leak in the pool area will cause the pool water to drop whereas the level of the water in the bucket will remain higher.
Please try this simple test yourself.

When you contact us, please find a list of the questions, which we will need answers. We will then be in a position to understand and identify the most appropriate method to identify your pool leak or leaks!

1) How big is the pool?
2) How quickly the pool looses water? – inches etc.
3) Is the pool tiled or lined?
4) Is it an indoor or outdoor pool?
5) Under what are the pipes running?
6) What is the distance from the poolroom to pool?
7) Your postcode