Survey Type: Leak on Water Main – potable drinking water

Are you experiencing these issues ?

High Water Bills ?
Water Meter continues to spin when NO water is being used ?
Damp Patches appearing on walls and/or ceilings ?
Brick work that looks very wet ?
Mould/Growth appearing yet no visible signs of a leak ?
Damp experts have said that your issues are NOT damp ?

What we do

Flir™ Thermal Survey* – Examine floor, wall & building fabric tracing water leak &/or water ingress
*We use military specification technology

ZECT™ Leak Tracer Survey* – Inject food-grade inert Agent into heating system & trace Agent as it escapes at point of leakage, the agent due to its molecular structure will permeate concrete/screed floor.
*ZECT™ Tracer Survey is exclusive Trademark registered to Leakbusters at Patent Office

Moisture Map Survey©
Dynamic Pressure Test©
Static Pressure Test©
Soundfind© Survey – Acoustic survey of property which amplifies the sound of leak (or leaks)
PipeCheck© Survey – Test the integrity of pipe work & identify inherent weak points which can develop into leaks

Engineers Report provided

Important Notice

Please note that our engineers are leak detection specialists, we do not install bathrooms and undertake general plumbing jobs, we just locate hidden leaks every day. How does this benefit you, this means the engineers focus on plumbing and pipe work problems and also identifying hidden defects in building materials and the building fabric.

Prices start from

Mini survey – £350* + vat

*Plus parking, materials and congestion if appropriate.

Please note: You may have more than one leak, which is why carry out several surveys and tests which are included in our mini survey.

timeout– ‘A team you can Trust’