Leak On Water Main – your potable drinking water supply

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Do you have a leak on your incoming water mains supply pipe?
Do you have excessive water bills?
Has your water utility company informed you that you have a leak?

If you have a water meter, here is a simple test to find out if you have leak. Turn off your internal stopcock/isolation valve and ensure that –

no taps are running
no toilets/wc’s are refilling
your water softener if you have one is not leaking or letting water pass by
In rare circumstances we have found there is a leak on a closed central heating system ie a combination boiler and the customer has an automatic filling loop installed this means that as the water has leaked out of the central heating pipe under the floor, the automatic filling loop continues to put water into the central heating system
In an open central heating system ie central heating boiler supplied by a ‘feed & expansion cistern’, the small water tank (cistern) located in the loft, this tank will constantly drip and refill as the water leaks out the central heating system somewhere, usually under the ground floor

…then look at the water meter, if your water meter continues to spin or turn – you have a leak.

Another method to ascertain if you have a leak is too inspect your water bills for the last 12 months and see if there is a regular monthly pattern, there should be unless you have invited lots of guests to stay with you at random periods of time. If your bill has only started to rise in the last 3 months, you probably have a leak. Did you have any work carried out externally 3 months ago ie could you have disturbed the water main when you were installing a new pond or repairing the drive etc etc
Watch out – Utility Companies

Please read this – it could save you lots of money

Your water company has a duty of care to minimise waste water leakage, however like everyone else, they do employ humans and they do get it wrong. The water utility companies normally send their operatives or contractors out at night, they usually make the assumption that you are asleep and therefore no water is being used, if they have told you that you have a leak ask them if they used a listening stick to listen for a leak, if they used an electronic acoustic listening device or if they just looked at your meter which was turning/spinning at the moment they looked at it and assumed you had a leak. If the answer to the above is ‘yes’, ask them to return and carry out a siphon test, they will need to do this inside your property.

How we will find your leak:
We find hidden leaks on lead, iron, steel, asbestos (yes believe it or not there are many many asbestos water supplies) and plastic supply pipes

We use:
acoustic profiling
acoustic listening devices

Zect® leak detection agent – we are the only company in the UK to use this product

Ask your building insurer if you have trace and access cover in your policy

Call George Rees – Director of leak detection to discuss your leak issue
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If your water meter continues to turn when no water is being used (washing is turned off & the toilet is not being flushed), then is very possible you have a leak.
No water meter ?
If the water company suspects you have a leak – we can carry out a Zect® Leak Tracing Agent Survey, we inject Zect® into the pipe via an outside tap or internal kitchen tap, once the pipe is pressurised if there is a leak (or leaks) the agent will leak out and rise up and we will trace the agent.