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UK’s Most Experienced Leak Detection Team

As any rally driver will tell you, it does not matter how fast or sophisticated your car is, what really matters is the experience of the driver to use the car and the road to his/her advantage. Our team is experienced in locating leaks of any nature no matter how small. Finding hidden leaks without destruction i.e. lifting floor board, digging up floors and making a mess, is a specialist job and should not be left to novices.
We have used our experience and our relationships with global technology companies to create our own exclusive technology which we have registered and Trade-Marked® at the UK Patent Office. We have technical staff available for you to call and discuss any questions you may have, advice is always free of charge.
Due to complexity of some leaks i.e. a leak in a block of flats where several properties are affected and/or involved we are always happy to liaise directly with customer’s loss adjusters and/or insurance companies.
We understand the complexities of working with and for insurance companies

Ground microphones

Soundfind® Acoustic survey

Our electronic microphones enhance and amplify the sound of the leak, which our engineer can then locate.

Ground microphones allow us to amplify and trace and display the noise created by a fluid escaping from a pipe. We also use ground microphones to trace the line of a pipe. This is done by inducing a sound wave along the pipe which can be measured at ground level thus allowing us to follow and plot its route. In some instances where appropriate we fill the pipe work with compressed air, the advantage of this is that the pipe work will not be damaged, but the effect of pressurised air exiting the leak on the pipe enhances the Soundfind® technology amplification.

Pipe Tracing

PipeFind® Survey

Believe it or not this is a common problem, domestic homes, new build sites and commercial properties. In some instances it is vital that a pipe must be traced prior to any work being carried out on it. We use a “sond” which is a 5mm nylon pipe that has a thin wire concealed within it. The “sond” is passed through an open end in the pipe. An electronic sensor is used above ground to detect and trace out the line and direction of the pipe. It is also possible to detect how deep the pipe is buried in the ground. We are often called onto commercial premises to create “Pipe line maps” for clients.

Thermal Imaging® Survey Thermography

Thermal imaging survey – Flir®

Using a military application thermal imaging technologies we will survey the solid floor under floor heating. Our camera will identify differences in temperature between the concrete and the heating pipes contained within the floor. In your situation we will use the camera to trace out the pipes so we can then follow the routes for the ZECT® Tracer agent.

Flir® – The preferred choice of our technicians. Our cameras, which although designed for a military applications, have the highest degree of temperature sensitivity. This means we can identify even the smallest in temperature differences. i.e when locating a leak (or leaks) on a flat roof, the area/areas of water ingress will be highlighted with our cameras as the water trapped under the surface material whether it”s felt, nuralite, lead, asphalt etc will be cooler than the surface temperature of the flat roof.

Damaged Walls and Ceilings

Chemical Analysis®

Where appropriate we will carry out water analysis to find out what’s in the water so we can help identify a probable source, this includes nitrates, chlorine and salts analysis. This type of survey is excellent when walls and ceilings have water and mold issues caused by unknown water or moisture ingress

Inspect Walls, Cavities and Inaccessible Areas

Seesnake® survey

We have endoscopes for looking into very small inaccessible locations; these cameras have 6mm heads, are water proof and can capture & record information

Our survey in non-destructive and non-evasive.
Our objective is to locate the leak (or leaks) without destruction to your home.
We are the only UK Company that offers a one stop shop for anything leak detection.
Unlike everyone else, we do not sub contract work to 3rd parties.