Insurance Approved

When you discover you have a hidden leak which may or may not be causing damage (and just because the actual leak is not apparent that does not mean it is not causing damage) you have several choices –

Take up the floor covering ie remove the carpet, laminate and/or lift up the marble floor, then lift up the floor boards or dig up the concrete floor base until you find the leak (or leaks). This course of action may be expensive, damaging and very costly to reinstate everything back to its normal state. or
Call us and we will carry out an extensive non destruction leak detection survey

Trace and Access Cover – can save you lots of money

Before you do anything, we advise that you speak to your insurance broker or insurance company and ask them if you have ‘trace and access’ cover with in your policy – most policies have this cover contained within it, if you do your insurance company will normally cover your costs from the initial leak detection survey through to the final repair and reinstatement.

Got Trace & Access cover but the insurer doesn’t want to pay?

We are finding now that some insurance companies are telling customers that do have ‘trace & access’ cover that if the leak is not apparent and not causing visible damage, the trace and access cover will not cover them. In this eventuality we advise you to speak to an independent loss adjuster who will work for you and advise you of what you can claim for rather than take the advice of the insurer’s loss adjuster whose job is to reduce the insurer’s liability to pay you

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